Monday, February 11, 2019

Celebs Mashup!

Welcome everybody to my super quick valentine's day event:
Leo's Bachelor Challenge!
1 bachelor and 7 other sims stuck in one house on without help from me (freewill on full and I just get to watch *popcorn*) will find love...somehow...

Here is the house that I randomly pulled out of the gallery.

 Here he is Leo DiCaprio! 
Our Bachelor! 
Surprise! I decided to use celebrity sims from the gallery!
Our lucky contestants are:

 Jennifer Lawrence! 

Brad Pitt!

Will Smith!

Seth Rogen! 

Britney Spears! (in her winter wear)
Also Beyonce in the back!

 and Lady Gaga!

J-Law and Leo hit it off with a little chess...

Everyone else settled in downstairs...

in the office...

Beyonce in the bedroom...alone for some reason..

Leo watch Gaga play the guitar for awhile.

Then he tried to mingle with the others but they couldn't stop staring at the tv.

Britney and Will mingled

Leo pickin'

Jennifer gamin'

Seth swimmin'

Beyonce jamin'

Seth drinkin'


Leo is enjoying himself so far

More mingling going on downstairs and then everyone turned in...

Leo in the kids bed..

Couch for Brit

My late nighters

Master bedroom

"Back off my oatmeal bro!"

Morning time

Leo lite the fire 😨

Coffee and beans by the pool

Lady sweeps Leo off his feet with her chess moves

People fight over the bed.

Forget the bed...this is better

Will and Britney try to get Leo alone...

He leaves though...(Leo is kinda of a loner)

Gaga wakes up brad from his hot tub nap

Will and Seth play wake the llama or don't

Leo is sick and so are a couple other people...
(in fact it just became a moving germ house in the end)

Leo converses with Gaga and Brit on the deck

Will is super hungry in this photo..
Everyone share your food!

Leo broke the downstairs toilet and 
we are down to one and a bush...

Girls fighting about who is the best singer...

Brad: "I am!"

Leo and Beyonce talk for a bit 

Britney and J-Law playing Foosball 

All toilets are broken now and Beyonce is about to be our first soiled house guest.


I guess she will nap first..??

Naked dinner party...

The bush was right there...
"I aint goin in no bush"

Then Britney was next...

Followed by Brad...


Seth just chillin' in the tub...

Beans by the pool, and Britney does push ups. 

Leo likes to mop all the puddles..

Leo its time for the first eviction ceremony! 

There is a serious tie between:  Will, Britney, and Brad.

So for the tie breaker..skinny dipping with the bachelor, first one out goes home.

Will you're going home!

Leo doesn't seem fazed by this decision.  

Everyone else goes to bed

and Britney needed a shower again..

I added a sauna and rock wall (the rock wall broke in the rain) 

You have dirt on your nose..did you know?

Weird threesome?

It broke Brad and I seriously thought he was going to die..

Leo enjoyed the sauna by himself..why???!!

Brad still broken..

"You're going to we came to say goodbye.."
"I am not!"

He moved his butt outside of the room and glitched there instead for awhile...

Next night...Britney was next to go.. 😥

Opps we swimmin' again
Bye Brit!

Shower broke now...

Sorry Leo...

If this game was survivor Gaga would be winning...

Brad you're eating! It's a miracle! 
Gaga loves making pork and beans...


Guys help her!
"She has the highest points with Leo!"
"Burn baby burn!"

Leo saves the day! 

Everything back to normal... 😆 get some points with Leo

But Seth gets evicted...sorry, not sorry

Brad still might die

I decided since there are only 4 more to go...I would upgrade a couple things and take away the TV.

"This sauna stinks!" 

Leo crying alone because love day sucked..

But then he goes to chat with Brad in the bathroom...
"Whats this game called again?"
"Oh, Yeah!" 

He actually spent a good amount of time with Brad that day. 

Beyonce got kicked out the next night. 
Very close call.

Bye Beyonce!

3 left and I thought it would be fun to engage them in a water balloon fight..

But Leo decided to leave after 2 that's, that.

Jennifer decided to follow him to the study and make funny faces at him...

I decided to try to heat things up again by moving the fireplace closer to the rug..sorry the rug closer to the fireplace ya..know...

Brad called the repair man for me..I need them to stop moppin' and more talkin'

I had them all skinny dip again but again no one stayed... the are just too tied man!

Leo and Brad make sometime together in their new summer clothes..

Jennifer and Leo talk for a second in the kitchen...

He then followed her to the sauna...

Time for another eviction...

Too close for me to call between Lady Gaga and I used the sauna tie breaker.

Leo and Jennifer left after awhile.

Brad and Gaga stayed and chatted about who was going to clean this thing....and then..

Gaga're outta here!

So now its between Brad

and Jennifer...

"I'm going to win..because....well...I'm Brad Pitt!"

I decided to have Leo flirt with both of them and see if we could move the romance a little...
(Jen did like his flirt, even though he is covered with in measles) 

Brad liked it a little bit but it didn't make him flirty or anything...

I kept getting notifications that Jen was burning to death...
she seems fine to me!

Are you ready to find out who will accept your proposal?
"Just a sec.."

So because they were so close...
I decided to see if Jen would accept his proposal first..if she rejected him then Brad wins...

and she did after all the extra flirting lol
(Measles and stinky..)

Brad... you snooze you lose..bud.

There you have it folks!
 My super quick bachelor challenge!
I hope you enjoyed it.
Maybe there will be a baby spin off or something....